Why Ice Cream Rolls are the Perfect Unique Catering Idea for Your Event

Are you bored of serving up the same old desserts at your events? You know, things like fruit salads, brownies or miniature desserts that your guests can just help themselves to? Don’t get us wrong, these desserts are fine. But do you really want your event catering to be just ‘fine’ when you could treat your guests to a really unique catering experience that they’ll be talking about for days to come? If you’re stuck for event catering ideas that are a bit more fun and stylish, you’re in the right place, because we’re here to tell you about our favourite sweet treats that will make your event even more exciting and memorable.

Unique catering ideas for your next event

Nowadays, there are loads of unique catering ideas you could try for your event. The catering industry is full of fun and fresh foodie ideas that will give your event a delicious boost. If you’re not sure where to start, think about switching up the way your food is served. Rather than having it laid out on a table for guests to choose from, why not hire a caterer that includes an interactive experience, like making your guests’ food in front of their eyes? Or something with a DIY element, where guests can have a go at making their own desserts?

What are ice cream rolls?

You have so many creative options to choose from, but rolled ice cream is one of the most up-and-coming unique catering ideas that you need to take advantage of! Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Rolled ice cream is an exciting new style of ice cream that is made fresh before your guests’ eyes. It’s originally from Thailand, but, since Pan-n-Ice brought ice cream rolls to the UK in 2015, they have exploded all over the internet. We have over 300,000 followers on Instagram because people love watching our chefs work their magic and because our beautiful rolled ice cream is just so picture perfect.

Ice cream rolls are made on big pans that look a bit like what you’d cook a crepe on, except these pans are freezing cold (a chilly -30°). Our chef pops the customer’s ingredients of choice onto the pan (anything from fresh strawberries to an Oreo doughnut) and pours over a dairy or coconut ice cream base. Using spatulas, they chop up all the ingredients until everything is beautifully blended and mashed together. Then, they spread the frozen mix into a rectangle, carefully roll it into about 4 individual rolls, and use tongs to serve up the rolls in a cup. The stunning rolled ice cream is finished off with toppings like sauce or bits of biscuit.

Why are ice cream rolls so popular?

Ice cream rolls have taken the event catering industry by storm in the past few years. We think it’s because they offer so much more than your standard scoop of ice cream. They taste great, look amazing and are really cool to watch being made! Serving up rolled ice cream offers guests a fun experience rather than just picking up a dessert from a stand. It’s truly unique catering and ridiculously Instagrammable. Which is great for you, because you want people posting and raving about your event all over social media, right?

Event catering ideas with ice cream rolls

Ice cream rolls are a perfect fit for basically any event. They’re equally great for refreshing delegates at conferences, treating guests at weddings or buttering up prospects when exhibiting at an industry event.

If you have a corporate event coming up, why not consider an ice cream roll hire service where you can add your branding to the ice cream serving station? This way, your guests won’t just be impressed by the unique catering you’ve provided – they’ll feel like your brand has personally rolled up their ice cream for them!

You can serve up rolled ice cream at personal events like birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs too. Whatever the theme – festival, fairground, beach, etc. – ice cream rolls are a crowd-pleaser every time.

How to build your own ice cream menu

Some ice cream roll caterers (like Pan-n-Ice) let you create bespoke flavours for your ice cream menu so that you can match a theme or pick flavours that suit your brand. Your exclusive ice cream rolls flavours will be displayed beautifully on a branded menu, with a playful name for each (ours are things like ‘Avo Laugh’ and ‘Matcha Doing Later?’). When it comes to event catering ideas, bespoke ice cream rolls are truly unique.

When you’re choosing your flavours, keep it simple (one or two main ingredients per ice cream) and think of things that your customers will love. If you’re a fitness brand, for example, you might want to go for a vegan option, a fruity option, and then a really indulgent option that customers will love tucking into as a treat. Jazz them up with toppings that reflect your brand: we’ve even used toppings like edible flowers and glitter before!

What makes Pan-n-Ice ice cream rolls so awesome?

At Pan-n-Ice, we love delivering unique catering services for our amazing customers. It’s so much fun, for us and the guests. This is what makes us so different from other ice cream caterers – we inject our fun-loving personalities into our service so that your guests always come away smiling. For us, ice cream rolls just sum up what life should be about – being positive, treating yourself and having a good time while you’re at it.

We’ve delivered memorable, branded ice cream experiences for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Rolls-Royce, Gymshark, Jo Malone, Penhaligon's, Google and Estée Lauder, and we’d love to build one for you too!

For truly unique catering services for your next event, give our fun and tasty ice cream rolls experience a go!

Contact our super-friendly team at Pan-n-Ice to let us know what you need and get a no-obligation quote.


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