Let's be kinder to our planet

We love our planet. It’s beautiful. It’s full of amazing places. Cool things. And undiscovered ice cream flavours. Not forgetting all you lovely Bubbas too. So it’s important to us that we look after it. At Pan-n-Ice our main mission is to be kind. But that doesn’t just mean being kind towards each other. It means being kind towards our planet too.

So what’s happening?

From destroying the ozone layer to polluting the ocean with plastic waste: as a society we haven’t been the kindest to our planet over the last few decades. And it’s really starting to catch up with us. The Arctic is melting, the rainforest is disappearing, the earth is getting warmer and ecosystems are collapsing. It’s estimated that the volume of plastic in the ocean will be more than the volume of fish by 2050. Scary stuff, huh?

The good thing is we could actually fix it if we tried.

Fortunately, more and more of us are becoming aware of the ways in which our planet is suffering. But politicians, industries, brands and individuals still need to do a lot more to make a real change. We need to band together to make a difference, and Pan-n-Ice is no exception.

How Pan-n-Ice is getting involved

What’s tastier and sexier than Pan-n-Ice ice cream rolls? Pan-n-Ice ice cream rolls that are made and served in a sustainable way. We’re proud to offer more sustainable serving options for our clients’ events, corporate gigs, and parties, as well as fully recyclable paper cups at every single one of our parlours. What’s not to love?

For our sustainable options we searched high and low to find the best materials for the job. These include:

 Foamex cart and menu boards – Made from 100% Recycled material  Biodegradable spoons - made from corn starch  Wafer Cups – 100% edible and delicious!

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, we also have produce almost no food waist at our parlours and private events. This is because all of our ice creams are made fresh each order, and we don't prep anything beforehand. Everything can be refrigerated and used again.

So if you’re an eco-minded ice cream-lover and you need some sweet treats for your event, look no further than us.

Of course, we’re not stopping here. At Pan-n-Ice we’re always trying our best to learn and grow, so we’ll definitely be looking to make our brand even greener in the future. After all, being environmentally friendly makes you almost as sexy as ice cream does.

How can bubbas live more sustainable lives? Even little day-to-day changes can add up to make a big difference. We asked all the bubbas at Pan-n-Ice for their suggestions. And this is what they came up with.

Stay informed: We’re lucky enough to have loads of information at our fingertips thanks to the internet. So it doesn’t take too much effort to learn about environmental issues and what we can do to help fix them. The more clued up we are about these things, the better equipped we are to talk about them and inspire our friends to help too.

Speak up: You matter! And so does your voice. If enough people speak up and ask for change, then the right people will hear and eventually they’ll have to take action. Talk to your local MP and ask them what they’re doing for the environment. Speak to your favourite brands and ask where they source their materials. Be sure to talk to your friends and followers on social media too. Awareness is the first step towards action.

Travel responsibly: Transport causes a lot of nasty pollution, especially in the UK. Every time you’re about to get in a car in search of ice cream rolls, ask yourself: Could I walk or cycle instead? Even catching the bus or a train is a much greener alternative to driving a car. So try to cut your carbon footprint when it’s possible.

Recycle and try not to be wasteful: Recycling is majorly important, since most things that aren’t recyclable end up in a landfill site or the ocean. Always try to buy things that come in recyclable packaging. It’s also worth considering how you could recycle packaging yourself. For example, jam jars make great candleholders and tin cans make funky little plant pots! And say goodbye to single use plastics too. Use a Bag for Life or a canvas tote bag when you shop for groceries. Don’t buy bottles of water and carry a flask instead, say no to plastic straws with your take-away drink, and stop using those little plastic coffee stirrers.

Think twice about what you buy: Whether it’s fashion or gadgets, it’s so easy to buy things we don’t really need. And all of them come at a cost to our environment. Shop at eco-friendly companies and try to live in a less consumerist way. It all helps cut down on your own environmental footprint.

Let’s try to be kinder to Mother Earth – after all, she’s the biggest bubba of all!


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