Own a Pan-n-Ice

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Pan-n-Ice franchise, the UK's leading ice roll business. 

We are looking for international area developers to help us bring the Pan-n-Ice experience to more beautiful people. Candidates should have proven experience in the retail & restaurant industry, as well as share a love for our vibrant & playful lifestyle brand. 

Pan-n-Ice's experiential product offering, together with its low cost, high margin & systemised business model makes it an extremely scalable and attractive franchise. 

We pride ourselves on spreading fun, flavour and positivity - one smile, one ice roll and one city at a time. 

Pan-n-Ice international franchise form

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becoming a Pan-n-Ice franchisee & opening parlours outside the UK.

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Please describe or list the specific territory that you are interested in, and why this particular territory is of interest to you. 

Business information: Company name, country, nature of business, position within business, & business experience level.

Relevant experience: Are you or your company involved in the operations of restaurants or retail? If yes, what are the total number of stores in operation? Have you successfully run other franchise concepts? If yes, what concepts?

Why are you interested in Pan-n-Ice and what are your ambitions and goals for the brand moving forward?

How soon are you looking to invest into a Pan-n-Ice franchise?

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