Events FAQ's

How long do you take to set up and then how long does Pan-n-Ice typically serve for?


  • We take only 25 minutes to set up and be ready to serve from arrival. All we need to do is unload and move into your desired position at the venue. From here we will plug our ice cream cart in and it will take 10 minutes to cool down to temperature. 

  • We typically serve for 2 hours and 30 minutes depending on the client's request.

  • Each staff member can make 150 ice creams per hour. Therefore 2 staff working simultaneously can handcraft up to 300 desserts per hour.



What is the size of your cart?


  • Our carts vary in size depending on numbers of guests but we will typically bring one of our carts measuring: 1.35 m X 0.76m. Whilst we can carry this upstairs it is preferable to have lift access at the venue as the cart is very heavy.


What are your power requirements?


  • In terms of power, we will need 2 power sockets from your venue. Each ice pan machine needs 1000 watts.



How much lead time do you need for personalisation?


  • Our graphic designer will require a high definition PNG file of your logo or design. We can apply your logo to a special design with your suggestions. We will place this on the cups, cart or menu or one of these options.

  • The cups require at least 2 weeks lead time.

  • Cart wraps and menus require a minimum of 5 days. 


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