Fun & tasty ice cream roll hire by Pan-n-Ice

We make delicious ice cream rolls with an experiential twist. For your next event, we’d love to build you a personalised and fully branded ice cream roll experience that your guests will love.

First, a bit about us...


We’re one of the UK’s fastest growing ice cream brands, having pioneered the internet sensation ice cream roll making process using our secret ice cream base and our signature -30° pans.


Our aim is to make people smile by hand-crafting fresh ice cream rolls before their very eyes.


We deliver our ice cream rolls at 300+ events a year and regularly provide ice cream catering for events by industry pioneers such as Google, Rolls-Royce, Estee Lauder and Karl Lagerfeld.


You can also find us lovingly making ice cream rolls at our parlours across the UK, including in Selfridges, Westfield and Bicester Village.

Just fill out our short enquiry form and the team will get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

Choose Pan-n-Ice ice cream roll hire for guaranteed smiles and

ultimate Instagrammability at your next event!

Our ice cream roll catering makes any event even more memorable. Guests love watching our friendly and super-skilled chefs making ice cream right in front of them.


Whether they’ve just stepped out of a conference session or off the dancefloor, your guests will be delighted, refreshed and reinvigorated after tasting our ice cream rolls.

We deliver our experiential ice cream catering for events such as:

  • Product launches

  • Exhibitions

  • Conferences

  • Summer parties

  • Christmas parties

  • Brand activations

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Events Catering PDF brochure.

Ice cream catering with your brand on it

You can fully personalise your Pan-n-Ice catering experience with your own branding and flavour choices. We’ll have our talented designers create bespoke cups, menus and cart panels to show off your brand as we roll. Or, if you’re happy with our pink and blue Pan-n-Ice branding, feel free to stick with that.


It’s totally up to you.

The tough part is picking your flavours – they’re all so good! You can choose up to four flavours from our menu to have at your event. Or, if you want some brand new flavours exclusively for you, we can do that too. All our ice cream rolls are made with our secret ice cream base, and we also offer a coconut vegan option.  

We know that sustainability is a hot topic right now, so if you’d rather use edible wafer cups instead of our recyclable pink and blue Pan-n-Ice cups, let us know. We can also use compostable spoons if you’d prefer.

However you brand your ice cream roll catering experience, it’s guaranteed to make your event even more awesome!

We don’t need much space to make magic!


All we need is 1x1m of space per cart, and 2 plug sockets (we need 1 plug socket for each pan and we typically bring 2 pans per cart).


You’re more than welcome to request more pans for your event, in which case we’ll need another 1x1m and 2 plug sockets per 2-pan cart.

Our superstar ice cream chefs are pretty nifty and can each make 120 ice cream rolls per hour.


That’s just with 1 team member and 1 pan. With more people and pans, we can make 10,000 ice cream rolls a day.

It has been our privilege to serve up tasty ice cream rolls at more than 1,000 incredible events. Check out our snaps and case studies below to get an idea of the sort of experience we can create for your event.

Enquiry Form

Fill in our very quick enquiry form and a member of the Pan-n-Ice team will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible!

(If you just can't wait, give us a call now and our lovely events team will be able to help - 0203 735 7377)



Q: How much does your ice cream roll hire cost?

A: Our prices start at £690 for 50 servings.


Q: What’s included in the cost?

A: Our ice cream roll hire includes everything we need to make delicious ice cream rolls. So that’s our cart and pans, cups and spoons, team of ice cream chefs, and all the premium ingredients that go into the mix.


Q: How long do you take to set up?

A: We only need 25 minutes to set up. We just unload, move our equipment into place, plug in our cart and let it cool.


Q: How long do you serve for?

A: We typically serve for 2.5 hours, depending on what you need.


Q: What do you do with the leftovers?

A: We care about being sustainable and reducing waste, so we never throw away anything that’s not perishable. Because our ice cream is made to order, we can control how much cream we open.

Q: Can you make vegan ice cream rolls?
Yep! We use a coconut cream and add flavours like blueberry, matcha and strawberry.

Q: What if I need more ice cream rolls than I ordered?
A: We always bring some extra supplies with us because we know what it’s like when extra guests turn up. If you need to increase your order on the day, and we have enough ingredients, we’re happy to accommodate.

Q: How far in advance do I need to order if I want a branded experience?
A: If you want personalised cups, we need at least 2 weeks’ notice to get these designed for you. For a branded cart and/or menus, we need a minimum of 5 days.

Q: Do you do events outside the UK?
A: Yes, we do. Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

Q: How do I book?
A: Fill out our booking form above, or give us a call!

Ready to roll? Get in touch about your event today.


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